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Brittany Nicole Friday‎

1st Place - 126 Votes

Kristen Craver‎

‎Trace Halphen

Denise Gildon

‎Paige Bounds

Honorable Mention - 56 Votes  

Amy Cowgill‎

‎Connie Annette Cook‎

2nd Place - 125 Votes

Daphanie Keener Heldebrandt

3rd Place - 69 Votes

Debra Collins Spearman‎

‎Leah Deaton‎

Mollie Jones

Brenda Dean‎

‎Corey Miles‎

Debbie Williamson‎

Gayle Howard Lantrip‎

‎Mari Danielle Bigham

‎Vanessa Cook

Kim Heflin-Maring‎

Denise Castrogiovanni McKelvain‎

Denise Castrogiovanni McKelvain‎-2

Kristi Windham‎

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